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Email automation is one of the most effective ways to reach and engage with your audience!

Email automation is a fully automated preset and planned arrangement of actions, all made to increase your business's sales, marketing or operational efficiency. Automated workflows are tailored to fit your business's needs and may consist of sequences of emails, action triggers, and integration of several platforms.

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Our agency is a one-stop shop for email marketing and automation.
We offer multitude of products and services from campaign strategizing to copywriting, email design, automation and triggers, integrations and creative email solutions.

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"Email lists and website are the two only things you can own on the internet. Everything else is just rented." (Tobi Lutke. Shopify CEO)

Shopify's CEO knows what he is talking about. Nothing online is stronger than good email marketing. When you have lists of emails that belong to people who know you and engage with you or your brand, you have a real asset. Unlike a page on social media that is forever subjected to algorithm changes and policies, and is essentially not really yours, email lists are something you actually own. And can monetize.

Segmented Email Marketing Drives Sales

Digital marketing in 2022 is all about personalization. Your communication with your leads should be tailored based on their true needs, behavior, the products that suit them the most and deep stats. Smart and segmented email automation allows targeted, orchestrated marketing.

Businesses Need Quality Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are THE most cost-effective and efficient marketing method of converting leads into paying clients. Ask us about a way to send sequences of messages and actions to hundreds of thousands of leads, to track their engagement, to follow up on their activity on your site, and we will show you email automation.

"Email Should Be The Cornerstone of Your Online Strategy" (Campaign Monitor)

There is no other tool that can provide you with the benefits of email marketing. Yes, even in 2022, email marketing is very effective. Here are some reasons:

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Why Email Marketing is So Important

  • Email marketing is very inexpensive compared to other tools
  •  Your message comes directly to peoples’ mobiles
  • Your message is personalized for every person in your audience which greatly improves performance
  • The process of email marketing can be completely automated
  • Email marketing enables deep tracking and statistics such as “clicks map”, opening rate, and bounce rate. These trigger exceptional optimization performances.
However, creating high-quality, efficient newsletters and email marketing campaigns involve a great deal of work and expertise. Setting up the platform, researching and creating high-quality content, designing, tracking, and optimizing, all these require skill, experience, and enormous investment of energy, money, and time. Rest assured that once you leave the email marketing to us, you can focus on your business!

Quality Email Marketing designed for your business will usually require you to work with several different companies and providers:

  • One company will provide the email marketing platform
  • The second company will research & create the content for the emails and the newsletter
  • The third company will provide graphic design
  • But you will need to put all of them together, coordinate and structure the campaigns. 
  • Lastly, you will need someone to track, optimize, integrate and manage all of the above

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Frequently Asked Questions

IP warm-up refers to the process of establishing a good sender reputation that will allow you to send more emails directly to subscribers’ inboxes. 

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We will research, create and write the content, following your guidelines! For Pro Plan subscribers, we will ongoingly create professional articles 

Our team of writers, with years of experience in creating high-quality content for various industries, will be writing the content for you!

So, you can stay focused on developing your business!

Our designers will design the email templates for you! So, everything will be good to go. You don’t have to bother about graphic design and coding

Email Automatic Workflow is a series of emails sent to your contacts once they have been added to a list, made a purchase, or celebrated a birthday, etc.

  • This allows a design of a customer’s journey that is tailored to your activities and leads to a Call To Action.
  • For example:
    1. Welcome email 5 minutes after a contact has been added:
    “{{NAME}} Welcome to My Virtual Yoga Class Newsletter!


    2. Wait 1 day

    3. Send 1st email. “{{NAME}}:”Time for muscle stretching! Here are 5 techniques”!

    4. Wait 1 week
    5. Send 2nd email: “{{NAME}}: Let’s Schedule Your Free Consultation!”
    6. Wait 3 days
    7. Send email-
    “{{NAME}}: 5 things that exercise helps you with!”


  1. Weekly reports on your email’s openers and clickers!
  2. In depth reporting on the numbers of clicks on each link inside the email!
  3. Ongoing one-on-one consultation and support!
  4. Free stock photo for each email!
  5. Analyzing the results of your email campaigns and ongoing optimization by open rate, click through rate, bounce rate and engagement rate

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