Omni's Ultimate Marketing Package for Small Businesses!

marketing package for small businesses

Introducing a Marketing Package for Small Businesses that will skyrocket your sales!

There have never been a better time to take your small business to the next level!

We're usually modest, but we wanna show you what we can do for your small biz...

1. A Lead-Magent to generate new and RELEVANT leads for your small business!


See How it works:

Good results take experience. Experience is built over time. Why learn from zero when you can adopt our ready-to-go proven small business marketing funnels strategy?


Starts as low as $500/month!

That’s a 40% DISCOUNT!

2. Local SEO

ABA Center Marketing

Your small business needs to be among the first results on any Local SEO tool such as Google Maps, Verified by Google and so on. Local SEO is a huge concept that we just love to master. It consists of hundreds of factors, tricks and tips. All of them need to be orchestrated and done by experts. Local SEO cam be part of your Omni’s Small Business Marketing Package.

Let us review your business, price our Local SEO services and work our magic!

2. Landing Pages

After strategizing your small business marketing strategy, we will map out your small business’s sales-funnels.

Segmented landing pages play an important role. They are built to communicate with specific segments of your potential clients, and to curate them with exactly what they need.


Your landing pages may  include:


  • Lead magnet 

  • Subscription forms 

  • Countdown, engagement orsense of urgency

  • Integration to automation and auto-responders

  • Tracking codes and pixels to retarget your audience

  • Analytics embedded 

3. Social Media Handling for Small Businesses

small business marketing package

Standout with customized designs, tailored to grow your small business!

As part of our Small Business Marketing Package, we will help you market to both B2C (Facebook and Instagram) and B2B (LinkedIn), or two increase awareness and SEO with great tools such as quora.com. We will be posting valuable and segmented content that will help you build your brand’s authority, raise awareness, boost your Local SEO, generate new leads and increase sales. Contact us now to schedule your free consultation!

4. Pay Per Click Ads

ABA Center Marketing

Facebook Ad

Taboola Ad

Taboola Ad

ABA Center Marketing

Google Search

ABA Center Marketing

Small businesses can (and should) use Pay Per Click (PPC) ads in a multitude of ways. Paid campaigns should be created and managed by experienced PPC specialists, to keep them as successful and cost effective as possible.

5. Email Marketing

 Your small business may definitely use excellent email automation.

Automate your transactional emails (invoice, checkout, back in stock Etc.), stand out as a reliable source, build trust with the local community and provide professional information about the topics you are enthusiastic about.

Email automation and marketing are very powerful tools your small business can take advantage of.

Omni Online Strategies is probably one of the most experienced marketing agencies providing automation strategies and management. 
We are ActiveCampaign Official Agency Partner and we also lead in knowhow and experience when it comes to other email marketing platforms. 
Synced with the re-targeting ads, email marketing automation will follow:


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Here is a simple example:

Email 1: 

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