Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization


the art of ranking high on search results.

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Did you know that about 90% of the overall people don’t move past ahead the first page of the Google Search Engine results?

And if your business doesn’t appear on the first page of the search engine results, then you’ll be missing out on 90% of your potential customers.

The competition’s quite fierce nowadays, and it’s really hard to gain that first position at the top of the search engine results. That’s where Search Engine Optimization comes in.

With the help of SEO, businesses can improve their rankings on search engines organically. It’s the process of optimizing the content on your website in such a manner that the search engines find it relevant enough to place your website on top for specific keywords.

But the competition is tight and search engine algorithms are becoming more and more sophisticated. Google won’t reveal the exact parameters (plus they always change them), but luckily
Backlinko has compelled many of the determining SEO factors.

There are about 200 known factors among them are domain factors, backlinks factors, user interaction, content factors, on-site, off-site factors, and many more. 

We know what you think! Oh my, it will take me forever just by reading this! If I run my SEO, then who’s going to run my title agency?

Let us suggest:

You run your business; we take care of your online presence!

And that’s not all!

Let’s talk about Public Relation

Remember Off Page SEO? Let’s say one way to provide Off Page SEO is simply adding links in other sites that will refer to your site, which will factor your site’s ranking. Great. But far from enough.

Awesome Off Page SEO is when your site gets referral links in accredited sites. Yes, we will manage Facebook, Instagram, Yelp and Google Maps listings for you, and some other listings like YP- that goes without saying. But it takes efforts to get links in multiple high ranking and accredited sites and blogs, you need to give them something worthwhile. You need to give them high value content that they will want to publish on behalf of you.

Let’s say you run a Real Estate Title Agency in Virginia or Florida. Obviously, we recommend ongoing publishing in your social media platforms, but how about writing  an article about the market’s current trends in your region with your signature on it and have it published in a known online real estate magazine? Well, that’s an entirely different story.

You don’t have to deal with it. We will do it on your behalf. You keep expanding your business.

This is us. This is how Omni Online Strategy thinks outside the box.

Let’s chat some more to brainstorm new ideas!


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On-Page SEO

According to Moz,
“On-Page SEO is the practice that involves optimizing individual website pages that helps the businesses rank higher and attract more relevant traffic via search engines.”

Not only does it include optimizing the content on the web pages, but it also involves optimizing the HTML source code of your web pages, as opposed to Off-Page SEO. Here’s a list of On-Page SEO techniques that will help you boost your rankings:

  • Publish High-Quality Content
  • Optimize Page Content
  • Optimize Meta-Descriptions & Page Titles
  • Headings & Content Formatting
  • URL Optimization
  • External Links
  • Internal Links
  • Website Loading Speed
  • Mobile-Responsiveness
  • Image Optimization

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is all about the actions that you’ll be performing outside your website’s boundaries. Some of the most important ones are:

  • Brand Mentions
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Link Building

According to Neil Patel, 
“Off-Page SEO refers to various activities that you as well as others, do away from your business website in order to raise your web pages’ search engine rankings.”

Listed below are top tactics that will help you boost your website’s Off-Page SEO:

  • Create Unique Shareable Content
  • Reach Out to Influencers
  • Contribute as A Guest Blogger
  • Engage in Social Media
  • Forum Submission
  • Blog Directory Submission
  • Video Submission
  • Image Submission
  • Infographic Submission
  • Use Google My Business

"Search Engine Optimization and Content Writing Overlap. You Need Them Both"

Here are the top ten benefits of SEO

· Low-Cost Marketing Tool · Increase In Website Traffic · Visibility In Your Niche · Long-Term Results · Greater Prestige & Credibility · Good Customer Experience · Brand Awareness · Increase in ROI

Here’s why SEO is so important:

As a business owner who invests in marketing, you want to capture new leads of potential customers. These leads can be originated from paid ads. That’s where you pay dollars to get new leads. But organic leads are people who visit your website simply because your site appeared on Google’s (or other search engines) results page. In other words- you get leads for free.

SEO is divided into two categories

On Page SEO which is the practice of optimizing your website so search engines will love it, and Off Page SEO which are the actions we take outside of your own website to impact your ranking.

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