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2022 Mailchimp Guide For Beginners

How to Use MailChimp in 2022: Beginners’ Guide

Whether you want to design the best Mailchimp templates, run successful email campaigns, build landing pages, optimize your contact lists, create automation (journey) or explore more exciting features on Mailchimp, this blog post will help…
Mailchimp support Auto emails and Tracking Codes

How to Setup a WordPress Newsletter with MailChimp

Related content: The Best Email Marketing Platforms for Year 2022! Like it or not, MailChimp is one popular email automation software. MailChimp enables you to create highly engaging newsletters with stunning visuals, launch a variety…
Klaviyo Vs Mailchimp which platform is better?

Klaviyo Vs Mailchimp: 2022 Ultimate Comparison

Looking for the best email platform for your eCommerce brand? welcome to Omni’s ultimate comparison between Klaviyo & Mailchimp. In short Klaviyo is a premium solution tailored for bigger brands that want to take advantage of…