How to build a beautiful website in three easy steps

How To Build An Amazing Website In Three Simple Steps

The current situation today made a huge impact on small businesses. Some of them are forced to close because of low sales and some are surviving by laying off expenses. But this unfortunate situation also brings an opportunity. While the internet is really the way to go if you want the people to notice your business, this may be the time to go about that business upgrade which you have always known that you should do “one day”!

But do we really need to be knowledgeable in website development to build a beautiful and absolutely astonishing and professional website? The answer is a mix of yes and no. First off, the first steps of building a website may require a person who is knowledgeable about web development. HOWEVER, some CMS services like WordPress actually make the development of your website much easier since they mostly do not need any knowledge or experience with the programming language. If you run your own Facebook or Instagram profile, you can create your own website. It is that easy. All you need is a bit of time and eagerness to learn how to build and use your WordPress site! We made a short article for you on how to briefly learn about building a WordPress site! Below are the steps we’ll tackle:


1. Purchase a domain

2. Purchase a WordPress Hosting Provider

3. Purchase a WordPress theme

1. Purchase a domain name


A domain name or a domain URL is a set of strings being used in order to view your website. Here’s a sample of a popular domain name:


In order for us to access Google, we’ll have to enter the URL above. When it comes to your business, your URL should be easy to remember and preferably short.

A very simple way to search and purchase a domain, is Domain.com

Once you’ve typed in your preferred domain, it’ll display the price of that domain and the validity of the domain. It’ll also show you alternative domain that you can use at various different prices.

2. Purchase WordPress Hosting

Once you’ve purchased a domain name, you will need to find a hosting provider. Specifically, a service that provides WordPress hosting. WordPress is a CMS software where you can create your own web content like Forums, E-Commerce, etc. While you can host WordPress on your own since it is free, open-source software, we recommend that you find a hosting provider for your convenience. Security-wise, if you’re a startup- it’s better to have a third party hosting your system since most host providers implement security features with a small fee.

There are other CMS software like Wix, but services like those are very limited and may not be “expandable” enough in the future. It also uses proprietary software so you may have a hard time switching to a different provider if you use Wix.


We recommend using WPEngine for WordPress hosting. It offers various plans from small to medium scale businesses. A custom plan is also available for those who are expecting larger website traffic.

3. Purchase a WordPress Template

Well done! Now you have a WordPress site and a domain! When the user enters your domain name, they’ll be redirected to the WordPress site! But, now we need to modify your WordPress site since it currently uses the vanilla theme and the purpose of that theme is mostly about blog posting. If you’re an E-Commerce business, having a different theme that suits your business is a better choice. But like all businesses, we want to publish the site In a short amount of time, that’s why we have themes being offered by ThemeForest. Themes in WordPress work differently. When you install a WordPress theme, you’re not only installing the webpage design, but also the plugins that the theme uses. For example, if you will install a theme that focuses on E-Commerce, it may include also a plugin that focuses on E-Commerce like WooCommerce.

Envato Market by Themeforest is truly an amazing theme marketplace, where you can easily find themes for as low as $20, which will not fall short from any custom made website, not technically and not by design.


After installing the theme, you may need to change some settings/content with the theme since it may use demo content. You surely want to make your site look like yours! The theme serves only as a foundation of your website. 

In a short span of time, you can deploy a website for your business with WordPress! All it takes is a few steps and some reconfiguration with the prebuilt settings made by WordPress and themes in ThemeForest!

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