The Ultimate Marketing Package for Landscape Companies

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Digital marketing is essential for landscaping businesses to help you get leads that will lead to sales. Boost your company’s sales and get numerous customers this coming spring with this ultimate marketing opportunity!
The key to getting clients: Trust – that’s why you need to start your marketing campaign early to earn their trust and book you by the time the spring comes and even before that!


for only 600/month

What's Included?

1. Lead Generation

We will help you generate leads through:

  • Pay Per Click Ads – Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Houzz
  • Lead Scraping

2. Landing Pages

We will design your landing pages fit for your brand that will attract customers, we will manage your website and other third-party platforms

Everything is now searched and booked online, with an informative and lead capturing website or landing pages that showcase your great landscaping works and testimonials will give your business the proper exposure it needs to get clients.

When they click on an ad that we placed on different web platforms, they will be directed to your landing page that includes: your services, information about your company, your projects gallery, contact form, online chat, links to your sites and social media platforms, and tracking codes that will allow us to retarget them.

3. Social Media Handling

We will make you standout!

We will market your brand to both B2C (Facebook and Instagram) and B2B (LinkedIn) by using ads and content marketing where we will provide valuable content to your target audience to build your brand authority whilst connecting with them through social media and retaining them through email marketing.

4. Email Marketing

We will build you a lead magnet marketing system with follow-up email sequence

Through email automation, we can automate sending emails with content that is fit for your different contact lists that are segmented to clients, leads, and dealers. Lead conversion + client retention is what you’ll get.

Take Your Business to The Next Level Now