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The best email marketing platforms for your business!

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As a business owner, you want to see your business grow. Whether tangible products or intangible services, you need marketing and sales. For that to happen, you must aim to keep an engagement with as many potential customers as possible. This may seem overwhelming and time-consuming, we get it. This is where email marketing and automation step in as cost-effective and super efficient automatic engaging tools. We are pleased to introduce the best and most cost-effective email marketing platforms to help you with this task.

Let’s just jump right into to the best email marketing platforms that your business can utilize! With strong familiarity with the leading email marketing platforms, we want to educate you when it comes to their features and differences to give you a better understanding of each email marketing service provider.

Here are some points you should consider when choosing your email marketing platform:

  • Budget
  • Cost
  • Size of the database
  • Level of automation
  • Special additions such as analytics

Yes, these are very important aspects to look at, but choosing a platform you prefer can be overwhelming as well, so we narrowed down some of the best email marketing platforms that can suit your business.

The Best Email Marketing Platforms for Your Business

1. ActiveCampaign

If you are a small business that is just starting, you can root for ActiveCampaign. This is perfect for you due to the inexpensive email marketing platform that is not complicated to use! Here are some of the great features it offers:

One of its great features is it can filter the customer experience acquisition process which can distinguish the users by industry, product, or role. This is easier for you to know which email marketing service you will need depending on who your target market is. Check out the available features per tier

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2. GetResponse

GetResponse is an excellent platform for businesses that are starting off, but this is also a great platform for big companies. According to the company, Ikea and Unicef use GetResponse for their businesses in creating very effective and powerful emails.

GetResponse platform is very economical and easy to use. It offers a wide range of features that are sure to help you with starting your business or growing your existing one. Although some may say that their automation processes still need development.

Here a chart to help you see their pricing:

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3. SendInBlue

Sendinblue was designed to automate email marketing on a budget! This platform has played a great role when it comes to its features from free to paid competitive pricing. The features are very comprehensive and are useful for small to midsize businesses. SIB’s nicely featured free plan can send up to 300 emails per day which is not bad, you can avail of higher tiers if wish to do so. Might we say that the paid tiers are not that expensive! There are over 80,000 to 100 million emails from the SIB’s platform that is sent every day, for a company that started only last 2012, it has shown good results!

There are 4 tiers for the SIB plan:

Sendinblue pricings plans

Sendinblue also has a good CRM feature, provides an easy set-up for automation, integration, and segmentation, representing. It is a good tool for SMS marketing. There is a range of templates for creating your emails.

Sendinblue allows you to create custom workflows that send emails automatically. Tracking your contact’s behavior on your website to trigger emails is possible here as well. You could send an automated email to a customer depending on the activity he did on your site such as registration, abandoning a cart, making a purchase, and so on.

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4. ConverKit

ConvertKit is truly a very cool yet highly professional platform. With custom landing pages that you can create in minutes, with a variety of tools that will help you make your audiences stick around for longer, with cool features like pdf guide free download creator, digital sales funnels, personalized content, easy email templates, and more. No wonder ConvertKit is one of the best online tools you can add to your business.

And they also have a free plan! Here’s a video that explains how to sign up and start using ConvertKit:

ConvertKit demo video free plan

You can start your free plan with a few great features! Start building your audience with unlimited landing pages and forms, customizable domains, and manage 1,000 subscribers. To be able to get a wider range of features you have to avail the paid plan:


Convertkit is also helpful when it comes to helping a small business build and grow. It offers a curriculum for building and launching your online business!

ConvertKit for small businesses

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5. OptiMonster

OptinMonster is not an email marketing platform per say but there are so many reasons it should be in this list. OptinMonster is probably the best lead generation software for marketing agencies, bloggers, eCommerce websites, and all small businesses. If you want to grow your email list, improve your website conversions, and reduce cart abandonment — you need OptinMonster! This software works out of the box with all major website & eCommerce platforms. Plus, it integrates with more email marketing services than any of its competitors. It has excellent conversion optimization software that is very easy to use. This feature converts your website, visitors, to email subscribers and customers. Let’s face it, that is pretty awesome! The more email subscribers you can attain, the more chance you get a higher revenue for your business.

It has a lot of helpful features that can track their behavior and lead them to a targeted personalized email from different pages of your website. Regarding the message they will receive, It will all depend on the user’s behavior that sparked their interest.

Here is their updated pricing categorized into different tiers depending on the features available for use:

optimonster email marketing paricing comparison

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6. Constant Contact

Constant contact has a very intuitive and elegant user interface. This offers a good range of commerce and event integration. It has very effective tools you can use for building your website, creating email marketing campaigns, uploading products to your store, creating awareness on your social media platforms, and so on.

A few things to consider are that Constant Contact templates don’t offer that much flexibility and the pricing for your plan will increase once you gain thousands of contacts. So if you are not up to this regardless of the features it offers, maybe you would like to consider a different platform.

Considering how your paid tear starts, it costs a bit less compared to the rest:

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7. Drip

Drip provides a service that makes marketing easy. It has an intelligent feature for marketing automation tools and email segmentation. It offers webinars, a chat support system, online courses, and complete documentation to help you run your business on the email marketing side.

For the rates at Drip, they are not quite cheap but it can guarantee an excellent effectivity if you maximizer the features you paid for. It has a 14-day trial that will let your experience its features to help you decide if you wish to pursue it.

Drip email marketing

For the pricing, it will depend on the number of your subscribers. You can check them out here:

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8. MailMunch

Mailmunch has complete lead growth when it comes to its features. It is excellent for starters and businesses who are independently owned. It is very easy to use plus it has a “drag and drop” feature that is similar to SendInBlue, which gives you an easier time designing your templates.

It helps you understand what the users want since it can also track their behavior using tags and advanced segmentation. Through this, you can send out personalized emails depending on where the user categorizes. You can also create tailored campaigns depending on their action when they visited your site.

Here the pricing for Mailmunch:

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