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A Marketing Funnel is an arrangement of preset online tools, planned and structured to bring you new leads and turn them into buying clients.

Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity, learn the best online marketing strategies, and get familiar with success!

As opposed to what you may have been told, successful Marketing-Funnels are simple to build and easy to learn

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How to Build a Lead Magnet Landing Page

How to Run Ads?

Learn how to Maximize Your Lead Generation Through Search Ads on Google

Learn to Retarget

How to Run Display Ads and How to Build a Laser-Targeted Email Marketing and Automation Machine that Will Bring you Clients

And Much More!

PPC,  email automation, SEO, social media marketing, lead generation, lead scraping... Get familiar with winning!

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our clients
Harrison Hudson Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

They truly helped me define my marketing strategy. This answered all my questions and helped me set up my Emails and campaigns . Great communication, fast and professional work, I will defiantly keep working with Omni Online Strategies.

Elizabeth Sofia Financial Broker of BNI- Financial

The team seem to have a lot of experience and I can tell they are honest people. They took my questions very serious, delivered on time and gave me quality information needed to make a decision on my business. thank you.

Charlie Cooper iHire App developer

The content from the get-go was amazing...highly knowledgable and very friendly and super efficient to work with. They did some great marketing stuff for us and some outstanding automation. Sending up triggers, emails, and the works! We will be back for more...Highly rated! An absolute pleasure to work with 6 STARS! Did I mention they were awesome? To my fellow business owners, I am extra happy with their work, efforts, and knowledge

need help on sendinblue email automation and marketing
Lucy Evelyn CEO at GContactors Arlington

We wanted an audit of our workflows on Sendinblue to essentially to confirm if we were on the right track (which we were), he checked them over, was satisfied with the majority of them and advised us on how to target users further. He also gave us additional insights and advice on development.