Think about hundreds of leads, all subscribed to your company's newsletter

Will you give up direct communication with your potential customers? With agents and brokers? With lenders, buyers and sellers? We thought you'd say no.. this is why email marketing still has a huge impact on your audiences' decision making

Email lists are inexpensive which makes it a great tool to spread your message. Stay in touch with your audience and develop familiarity with your brand. When applied appropriately, email lists will significantly contribute to one value every business owner wants his audiences to gain with his business: and that is trust.

Let us then jump right into it:

Here’s a screenshot from one of our client’s email marketing dashboards
real estate newsletter title agencies

These are the numbers:
9,247 contacts. All are real estate agents or brokers in the counties that they operate. Each contact is organized by full name, address of listings, phone number and of course- email address.

2,994 realtors opened the emails. That’s 32% where the average in marketing is 20%…

And 186 took action. That’s 186 realtors in your area who are interested in one of the things that you offer. How bad is that?

For this particular title company, we have developed a few email sequences.
Some are newsletter sequences and some are email automation sequences. 

What is email automation?

Email automation is a group of rules. When a rule is triggered, an email is automatically being sent to the person who triggered it. 

For example you just had a closing with one of your clients. An email is sent automatically, asking them to share their experience with you

local seo review title agencies

If your client is happy, they will click on the green button. If they think that you can improve, they will click on the red one.

But that’s not all!

Green clickers are happy customers, this will send them to review your business online. Here’s an example:

review us online title insurance

This tactic has many advantages. It automatically identifies the happy clients (the ones you want to review your small business and e-commerce sites) and it also helps them by sending them to a page which offers all the links to the review-pages on each of your social platforms. Some people have a Google account while others prefer to review on Facebook. It is less common, but many also have Yelp. Providing them with direct links to your platforms and making sure these are the happy clients you want to mention the online review option, its a winning practice. Let alone how it boosts your local SEO.

What happens with the unsatisfied clients?

Well, in this case, you wouldn’t’ want them to give your title insurance agency an online review before you got a chance to fix their concern or make it up to them, do you?

Well, good news! Red clickers will not see any online reviewing options, they will be re-directed to a customer-service online form. How’s that!

Think about it- it is all happening automatically !!

This is just one example if the automated strategies that we design for small business and e-commerce sites. It is really just a little piece of a very large puzzle.

Email Newsletter:

Did you know that on average it takes 7 times for someone to see a message until they take action?

And what about brand awareness? Will a brokerage take your title firm over their existing providers before they are familiar with you? Can your sales even schedule a meeting with a broker before that broker knows what your brand is?

This is where email marketing steps in!

What is the most important thing about the title insurance newsletter?

There are many factors that make your newsletter a great one. But if there is one thing that your newsletter has to provide is:

  • A valuable content 
  • Which is not part of your service (meaning, you are not trying to sell it)
  • Which you provide for free

Online real estate concept

Yes, email marketing has been here a long time, but it is still a very effective and almost free way to get so much! 

  • Brand awareness
  • Authority 
  • Engagement 
  • Tracking behavior

Omni will build for your small business and e-commerce sites a full automated flow. Each flow has an entrance point (opt-in). That could be filling a form on your site (a form which we will build and promote for you), or clinking on one of you ad. Another entering point can be accessed from your Facebook messenger bot (another feature that we can build for you).

Once entered the flow, your lead will start getting emails at times which are set in advance.

Here’s an example:

When setting the flow, we will determine which email will be sent and when. We will also decide what is the waiting time between email to email.

After a while, you will have a nice and long list of leads, with very detailed stats: who is interested and in what? Who is a “hot lead” which should be sent to sales and who should we wait with.

Not Just Email Marketing, Email Strategy

Sales Boosting process

Generate Leads

Turn them into audiences

Build Trust

Convert to sales

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