Remote Online Notarization (RON)

While most people are remaining at home, there is no doubt that currently, a must solution for title & settlement companies is Remote Online Notarization.


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These days, your business simply needs to jump ahead and implement remote online capabilities and software-based solutions such as RON and eClosing.

RON is the act of notarizing documents electronically with an electronic seal online, from a separate physical location than the signer.

Omni Online Strategies works with Pavasko and Notarize to help your title & settlement company implement Remote Online Notarization.

RON is a the best solution for individuals who can’t attend closing in person (in the wake of Covid-19, almost everyone)

Your settlement agents will maintain control on the transaction, signing process and documents.

In-App video recording is possible to complete e-closing and signing.

According to PropLogic, the fully implemented RON states are:
Virginia, Michigan, Indiana, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nevada, Ohio, Florida, Oklahoma, Idaho.

Many other states are RON implemented with restrictions.

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