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How to use Sendinblue workflows and automation

Sendinblue Automation Tutorial 2022

“Email automation” is a planned journey, designed to help your business manage and communicate with your prospects or leads. An email automation, a drip, or a sequence of emails, consists of a series of emails…
how to integratae klaviyo with Shopify

Klaviyo & Shopify Integration Tutorial

Let’s face an undeniable fact: There is a massive shift of Shopify store-owners to Klaviyo. If you have recently felt that so many eCommerce businesses abandon traditional email automation platforms such as Mailchimp, and choose…
2022 Mailchimp Guide For Beginners

How to Use MailChimp in 2022: Beginners’ Guide

Whether you want to design the best Mailchimp templates, run successful email campaigns, build landing pages, optimize your contact lists, create automation (journey) or explore more exciting features on Mailchimp, this blog post will help…
copy email from sendinblue to activecampaign

How to easily Migrate a Template from Sendinblue to ActiveCampaign?

Want to duplicate an email template from Sendinblue to ActiveCampaign? Read here how. You spent hours building a beautiful template using  Sendinblue’s drag & drop template builder.  It looks so good that you want to…