2022 Mailchimp Guide for Beginners

2022 Mailchimp Guide For Beginners

Here’s everything you need to know to successfully use Mailchimp. Whether you want to send an email campaign, manage your contact list/ email list, or explore the other exciting things Mailchimp allows you to do like building landing pages, designing emails, and even creating ads.


Mailchimp is an incredibly powerful marketing tool! We’re going to discuss everything you need so by the end of this article, you’ll go from beginner to Mailchimp expert.


It’s time to grow your brand!

In this article you will learn how to:

  • Setup your Mailchimp account
  • Setup Audience
  • Create Customer Journeys
  • Create a campaign
  • Navigate through Mailchimp Reports

PLUS: Email template Designing tips!

Let's get started!

1.) If you don’t have an account simply go to Mailchimp.com and click Sign up for free. If you have an existing account, click on Log in:

2022 Mailchimp Guide for Beginners

So if you just created your Mailchimp account, after signing up you will be directed to a page where you will see all their different tiers:

2022 Mailchimp Guide for Beginners

PRO TIP: If you are a small business getting started with email marketing, you can simply opt for the FREE Plan which will allow you to send 10,000 emails per month and will also allow you to store 2,000 contacts. This also includes helpful features such as: Landing Page builder, Website builder, and marketing CRM. 


On the other hand, if you are a medium enterprise looking to grow your business and reach an exponential amount of audience, we recommend buying the Standard Tier which will allow you to create more customized and strategized campaigns, optimized email automations, and more advanced marketing tools like FB and Instagram ads.

2.) Exploring the Dashboard

2022 Mailchimp Guide for Beginners

Audience – This Audience dashboard will show you how many subscribers you have, how many unsubscribed, who’s in what tags and different tag groups. 

  • All contacts- this is where you will see a more detailed view of your contacts and where you can import and delete contacts.

How to Setup “Audience” or contact list:

  1. On the audience dashboard, click on Manage Audience
  2. Then Select “Import Contacts”
Importing contacts in Mailchimp

              3. Select your import preference and click Continue:

Importing contacts in Mailchimp

If you have a contact list in a .csv or .exe format, you can easily drag and drop or upload it or if you have an email list in a word format, you can just select “Copy & Paste”

               4. After the upload is complete, click on “Continue to Organize”

               5. Select an Audience you want to add the contacts to or simply make a new one.

               6. Select your audience status

Importing contacts in Mailchimp

               7. If you want to update existing contacts, tick the box that says “Update existing contacts”

Importing contacts in Mailchimp

               8. Then click “Continue to Tag” and then enter the tags you want to apply in your new imported contacts, if you don’t want to apply tags, you can skip this step by leaving it blank

               9. Click on “Continue to Match” and match the contract attributes on their corresponding fields

Importing contacts in Mailchimp

             10. Click “Finalize Import” and review your import settings.

  1. Finally, click on “Complete Import”
Importing contacts in mailchimp

For a more elaborate explanation, see here 

  • Signup Forms – creating signup forms is one of the most common ways of collecting emails in which you can embed in your website or just share in social media platforms that’s easily accessible. This section will also show you other integrations.
  • Tags – you can add different labels on people where you can easily segment based on their interest and send out emails with topics that relate to them to have better opening rate and conversions.
  • Surveys – creating a survey is a fun way to get to know your audience and collect data without having to use other software. You can create surveys asking them about their preferences, their rating about your specific products, etc. You can easily create surveys with mailchimp and share it via email, link, facebook or twitter.
  • Inbox – is an advanced section which will allow you manage responses within mailchimp.

Campaigns – this section is where your email activity happens.

  • All campaigns – all the emails you’re sending are shown here. You can also see a detailed view of your open rates here and edit or duplicate campaigns.
  • Email Templates – It’s a good idea to create a template for something you’re regularly sending like a monthly/weekly newsletter.
  • Reports – this section will show you the analytics of your previous campaigns.

Automations – for this field, we will show you how to make your own customer journey:

How to Create a Customer Journey

First, choose a starting point: this will trigger your automation, you can simply choose from the different options Mailchimp provides.

Mailchimp Customer Journey

For example: Once you select your starting point when somebody signs up and you want to send them a welcome email. Your starting points will always show at the top of the automation.

PRO TIP: You can also add other starting points for automation.

Mailchimp customer journey

On the plus signs, you can add rules from the left menu.

In this scenario, let’s select “Send Email”:

Mailchimp customer journey

Customize the fields above and select a template for your email. We’ll show you how to create and design a template.


After creating your email, you can now add your next action/rule and continue to do so until the end of your customer journey.

How to Create A Campaign

  1. Go to create
2022 Mailchimp guide for beginners

               2. Click on email 

2022 Mailchimp guide for beginners
  1. Create a name for your campaign and click begin. Your campaign name is an internal name that your audience won’t see
  2. Fill out the “To, From, Subject and Preview Text” until you see a green check mark at the corresponding section.

PRO TIP: The subject for your email is a crucial part of your open rates, so think of something exciting and be straightforward, not too salesy and scammy because it might end up in the spam folder

  1. Now that you’re ready to design your email, click on “Design Email”
2022 mailchimp guide for beginners

           6. Choose “New Builder”

Mailchimp new builder

7. You will be directed to a strip layout. You can easily click on the sections and the edit menu will appear on the left side and a quick edit menu will appear at the top.

2022 Mailchimp guide for beginners

8. When you click on the “+” sign, you will be presented with different block options that you can add on your template.

2022 mailchimp guide for beginners

9.  Continue to edit/add your email contents on the template.

10. Once you’re done, click on “Continue”

11. Then you will be directed again to the checklist before, double check everything and finally, click “Send Email”.


Hooray hooray! Once you have sent a campaign, a detailed statistics or report will be shown in the “Reports” Section. (We’ll show you hw to navigate the Reports section in a minute)


Bonus content: Email Template Designing Tips!

  • Start with a bang! – First impressions are important, the first part of your email will influence your audience to scroll down so START YOUR EMAIL DESIGN WITH THE MAJOR STUFF. 
  • Keep it simple, short and to the point.
  • Insert all the links! – One of the fundamental rules of email marketing is LINK EVERYTHING – from your images to your header to your text. So wherever your audience clicks on your email, they will be directed to where you want them to go like a landing page or website.
  • Emphasize your CTA – Use design elements to your buttons to make it stand out.
  • Optimize the mobile version of your email – Your audience should have a user-friendly email experience on whatever device they are using.
  • Use the RIGHT fonts and sizes – 


              1.Size 14 to 16 – paragraph font size 

  1. Only use a maximum of 2 font styles in a template
  • Use a color palette – only use colors that compliment each other.

                     You can browse palettes at –  https://colorhunt.co/

How to Navigate through Mailchimp Reports

  1. From the main Reports page, you will see all your campaigns, whether it’s an email, landing page or Ad.
  2. Simply click on the “View Report” button you will see on the right side of your campaign.
2022 Mailchimp guide for beginners

3. A detailed report will be presented to you. You can click on the colored numbers to see a more comprehensive description of the corresponding statistics.

2022 mailchimp guide for beginners

PRO TIP: Mailchimp has upgraded their platform this 2022 to a more user-friendly version. Play around to explore exciting opportunities with Mailchimp!

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